New Step by Step Map For Economy

The world-trotting superstar will precede the celebrity onslaught to host TIFF's once-a-year fundraising gala on Sept. six.

Less than a single in 10 Individuals routinely shop for groceries on the internet, While the vast majority shop weekly at grocery as well as other retail shops.

spaarsamig إقْتِصادِيّا икономично economicamente hospodárně wirtschaftlich økonomiskt οικονομικά, φθηνά económicamente säästlikult از نظر اقتصادی taloudellisesti économiquement בְּחִיסָכוֹן कम खर्चे में štedljivo takarékosan; gazdaságosan secara ekonomis hagfræðilega; sparlega economicamente 経済的に 절약하여 ekonomiškai taupīgi; ekonomiski dengan jimat zuinigøkonomisk, sparsomt ekonomicznie اقتصادى تو ګه economicamente (din punct de ve­de­re) financial экономно hospodárne gospodarno ekonomično ekonomiskt อย่างประหยัด ekonomik olarak, tutumluca 節約地 економно معاشی نظریہ سے về mặt kinh tế 节约地

The sturdy enlargement of house shelling out, encouraged by a prolonged duration of Traditionally minimal borrowing charges, has developed concerns around Canadians’ report-large personal debt masses.

Economics broad money Chancellor in the Exchequer client cost index credit score crunch deflate frustrated downturn economist GDP for each capita GNI gross domestic solution hyperinflation industry forces combined economy pecuniary protectionism retail selling price index spending stall trade figures See a lot more final results »

2. organization of money and resources. the state's economy; domestic economy. ekonomie إقْتِصاد الدَّوْلَه икономика economia ekonomie die Wirtschaft økonomi οικονομία, οικονομικός προγραμματισμός στο νοικοκυριό economía majandus اقتصاد talousjärjestelmä économieכלכלה अर्थव्यवस्था gospodarstvo (köz)gazdaság ekonomi fjármál; efnahagslíf economia 経済 경제 ūkis, ekonomika saimniecība; saimniekošana; ekonomika ekonomi economiesamfunnsøkonomi, husholdninggospodarka اقتصاد economia eco­­­no­mie экономика ekonómia gospodarstvo ekonomija ekonomi องค์กรทางการเงินและทรัพยากร ekonomi, ekonomik düzen 經濟 господарство; економіка وسائل اور مال کے استعمال کا کوئی خاص نظام kinh tế 经济

The 1st recorded feeling in the word "economy" is in the phrase "the management of œconomic affairs", located in a work probably composed inside a monastery in 1440. "Economy" is afterwards recorded in additional typical senses, like "thrift" and "administration".

a individual who is a professional in economics. ekonoom عالِم إقْتِصاد икономист economista ekonom, -ka der/die Volkswirtschaftler(in) økonom οικονομολόγοςeconomista majandusteadlane اقتصاد دان ekonomi économisteכלכלן अर्थशास्त्री ekonomist közgazdász ahli ekonomi hagfræðingur economista 経済学者 경제학자 ekonomistas ekonomists ahli ekonomi econoomsosialøkonomekonomista داقتصاد عالم economista economist экономист ekonóm, -ka ekonomist ekonomista ekonom นักเศรษฐศาสตร์ ekonomist, iktisatçı 經濟學家 економіст اقتصادیات کا عالم nhà kinh tế học 经济学家

economy - frugality in the expenditure of cash or resources; "the Scots are well known for their economy"

Likely abroad with out travel insurance is often a Bogus economy if you are sick and want highly-priced healthcare treatment method.

The Rise in Economic Inequality while in the U.S. Visitors focus on a chart that shows how the quite rich have benefited from mounting additional hints incomes within the cost of Anyone else.

10 a long time of incompetent authorities experienced brought regarding the virtual collapse of your country's economy.

The economic development occurred largely in mining, development and producing industries. Commerce became extra considerable mainly because of the want for enhanced exchange and distribution of create throughout the Group.

the complex of human pursuits worried about the creation, distribution, and use of goods and products and services

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